Business Brokerage

It does not take two people to make a deal; it takes one qualified, experienced and business savvy individual to structure a transaction that works for all sides. While price and terms are always important, other salient issues control the final outcome. For almost thirty-five years Aaron Morgan Group and its progeny have successfully sold privately owned business entities to private equity, publicly traded companies and others where establishing and demonstrating the fit maximized the value of the transaction for all parties.

Consulting Services

Quite often business owners look to determine what is wrong with their business when in reality they should spend more time identifying what is right. Aaron Morgan Group digs into each and every business it works with to determine its strengths and weaknesses then assembles a plan to improve overall operations. Growth isn’t always the answer, net cash flow is with reduction of operational costs targeted to maximize margins. It may sound easy but it is not and that’s where Aaron Morgan Group fits in.

Special Projects

From saving the last surviving coin-operated pinball manufacturer from extinction to assisting in the consolidation of the retail liquor industry, Aaron Morgan Group is the “go-to” entity chosen by upper level management to get the job done. Our many years of experience are built around referrals from those we have performed services for and often take us on paths never imagined. We never know what is next and look forward to the next challenge. Thinking outside the box creates opportunity and opinions from those positioned outside of the scope of normal operating protocol provide solutions.

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